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166 7th St
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Bomb lamps, artillery tables, and armored credenzas - Stockpile Designs adds impact to your decor with a line of furniture and lighting using obsolete military equipment.


Stockpile Design's blog covers upcoming designs and prototypes, shows and events, and the design community of Brooklyn, NY. Designer Jake Wright shares his creative process, decorating advice, and anecdotes about starting a business and trying to deliver antique bombs across state lines.

Fresh Identity

Jake Wright

I revised the Stockpile Logo around the start of the new year, but hadn’t gotten around to changing my business cards or identity materials. That changed when I got this awesome birthday present from my youngest sister:


So now I had a fancy branded metal toolbox, but no current business cards. All that changed during an energy-drink-fueled all-nighter, when I made this piece of golden awesome:


I got the cards printed by Influence Graphics, located here in New York. They’re a little more expensive than most online printers ($100 for 500 cards on thick cover stock), but they got my order turned around in under 24 hours at a really high quality.

Even though my background is in graphic and advertising design, I always procrastinate work on Stockpile’s identity. It’s so personal that I obsess over every detail, and am rarely satisfied with the results. My sister’s present nudged me into action, Now I’ve got a complete identity package, and she is totally forgiven for saying my logo looks like a coffee pot.