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Brooklyn, NY 11215

Bomb lamps, artillery tables, and armored credenzas - Stockpile Designs adds impact to your decor with a line of furniture and lighting using obsolete military equipment.

Beacon - Polished Cluster Bomb


Shop for lighting and furniture based on classic military design. From lamps made with WWII bombshells to a modern, armored credenza, to jewelry made with tiny bombls from the Vietnam War.

Beacon - Polished Cluster Bomb


Beacon - Polished Cluster Bomb

from 235.00

The Beacon is made from an unused cluster bomblet produced during the Vietnam War. Its shell and spring-loaded stabilizing fins are nickel-plated to a bright mirror-like finish, protecting against rust and corrosion. Connecting these is a specialized hub designed to be simpler and tougher than the original parts, 3-D printed in metal using a beautiful bronze and stainless composite. A black-glazed ceramic socket sits within the shell, controlled by a rotary switch on the cord. Care instructions and a brief description of the weapon's history (see below) are detailed on an included card.

Available with pictured carbon-filament bulb (110/120v only)*. Base is 5 1/2" tall (10" with bulb), and approximately 6 1/2" across; cord is 6'. Standard shipping available for addresses in the US and Canada; contact us for an international shipping quote.

Cluster bombs are deployed as huge cylinders packed with explosive bomblets. At a pre-defined altitude the casing of a cluster bomb opens, spilling the bomblets across a wide area. First deployed during WWII, they were most widely used during the Vietnam War. American Forces dropped hundreds of millions of anti-personnel cluster bomblets over Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Nearly a third failed to detonate on impact, and are still responsible for hundreds of injuries and deaths every year.

*Bulbs are designed for 110-120V power (North and South America, the Caribbean, Japan). If you live in a region with 220-240V power (Europe, Australia, most of Asia and Africa) and need help finding bulbs, contact us.

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