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166 7th St
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Bomb lamps, artillery tables, and armored credenzas - Stockpile Designs adds impact to your decor with a line of furniture and lighting using obsolete military equipment.

Blitz - WWII Bombshell


Shop for lighting and furniture based on classic military design. From lamps made with WWII bombshells to a modern, armored credenza, to jewelry made with tiny bombls from the Vietnam War.

Blitz - WWII Bombshell

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Blitz - WWII Bombshell


The Blitz is made from a cast iron practice bomb, manufactured for dive bombers during World War 2. Each shell is restored by sandblasting away paint and corrosion, exposing their original sand-cast texture. They are burnished to a gunmetal shine, and sealed to protect against rust.  A cloth-wrapped cord, vintage plug, and muslin shade (made in Brooklyn) complete the design.

6' cloth-wrapped cord with vintage-style plug. Approximately 10.25" high (14" with shade), 2.25" in diameter. Shade is 7" high, 7" base diameter. Standard shipping available for addresses in the US and Canada; contact us for an international shipping quote.

Each package includes a card with the text below, detailing the history of these short-lived weapons. 

MK23 Practice Bombs were used by US Navy dive bombers in WWII. The central shaft held a flare, so the pilots' accuracy could be judged from the air. Dive-bombing was extremely dangerous, as pilots had to fly nearly straight down to accurately hit their targets. Improvements in guided missile technology and anti-aircraft systems made dive bombers obsolete shortly after the war.
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