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166 7th St
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Bomb lamps, artillery tables, and armored credenzas - Stockpile Designs adds impact to your decor with a line of furniture and lighting using obsolete military equipment.

Friendly Fire - Anti Tank Artillery


Shop for lighting and furniture based on classic military design. From lamps made with WWII bombshells to a modern, armored credenza, to jewelry made with tiny bombls from the Vietnam War.

Friendly Fire - Anti Tank Artillery


Friendly Fire - Anti Tank Artillery


The perforated artillery round in the Friendly Fire was part of an unsuccessful Korean War weapon, a recoilless anti-tank gun. The 75mm steel shell is brightly polished outside, leaving the ancient paint and corrosion intact on the interior. The socket hangs from the lathe-turned wooden tip, and a 12" long incandescent bulb casts light through hundreds of holes. Approx. 21" tall, 4.25" in diameter, with a 6' cord. Bulb included (110/120v only)*. Standard shipping available for addresses in the US and Canada; contact us for an international shipping quote.

*Bulbs are designed for 110-120V power (North and South America, the Caribbean, Japan). If you live in a region with 220-240V power (Europe, Australia, most of Asia and Africa) and need help finding bulbs, contact us.

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